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Basic Training & Conditioning of the Race Horse - Mike Robbins   $39.95  

Basic Training & Conditioning of the Race Horse - Mike Robbins

“Great champions are made, not born” is trainer Mike Robbins’ motto.  And he knows how to make them, with nearly $4 million in race earnings to prove it.  In Basic Training & Conditioning of the Race Horse, Mike Robbins shares his training secrets with you.


In less than a decade, Robbins has become one of the best-known trainers in horse racing.  Between 1980 and 1983, he had won over $1.5 million.  By 1983 he had his first great win, with Sergeant Pepper Feature winning the Champion of Champions race, followed by five Championship and Futurity Champions, with over 23 major stake wins to his credit.


In this DVD, Robbins shares the basics behind his success. 


Topics include:


  • What to look for in a prospective champion
  • What and how much to feed
  • Nutritional supplements
  • How to condition for peak performance
  • Selection and proper use of race training equipment
  • Shoeing techniques
  • Basics of beginning a young racehorse

Mike Robbins is recognized as one of the Top 15 trainers in the country.  With hundreds of wins, shows and places to his credit, Robbins is someone to listen to and learn from, and this DVD provides the opportunity to do just that.


50 mins.